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Deployment updated everything!!

I created some custom fields and validation rules under under Opportunity standard object. Then I added these to my project through add/remove componenets. Then I deployed the Opportunity object onto the production.


Is this the right way to deploy my new stuff onto production? For classes or triggers, it would show me what exactly is being updated on production. I dont think it showed me that for Opportunity object.


The problem now is that whole opportunity object got updated on production. Did I do something wrong? And there is no way to go back, thats the worst part!! Any help is greately appreciated.


I guess what you did was wr0ng...becuase, Now the production is updated with Opportunity obj with your prespective(ie changes which you made) but, there might be other developers and admins working on the same Opp obj. you might have deleted there changes to obj.


I am not sure either...but check with experts...lol