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Remove 'Add Sample Dashboard Button'

Is there a way to do this?  If so, please let me know.  This is causing some confusion for our users.  They click this and the reports that are created for the sample are not accurately filtered for the users.  Since we have some users that would look at the dashboard and think that is what is true, we need to have this button removed.  I cannot figure out where to do this.  Maybe I'm overlooking something.


Thanks in advance!

You are talking about the "Add Sample Dashboard" button on the listing page of Dashboards. In that page the "new Dashboard" and "Add Sample Dashboard" are standard buttons provided by salesforce and the setup section does not give us the capability of customizing this page as far as the standard buttons are concerned.
Yes.  I was just hoping there would be an option to just move them off the page like can do with the page layout for the standard objects.