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Force.com Sites in now Generally Available!

Yesterday, we announced the general availability of Force.com Sites. For the uninitiated, Sites lets anyone build public facing websites on the Force.com cloud platform. We're all very excited about this capability, and can't wait to see how you will use it. To help you along, here are some key resources:


  1. Force.com Free Edition : Also announced yesterday, this will let you build one application for up to 100 user, free for life! 
  2. Look at some examples: Nothing like a little inspiration. See what other have done with sites during it's limited release.
  3. Start Learning: A section of the Technical Library is now dedicated to Force.com Sites related resources.
  4. Start Coding: Get the latest release of the Force.com IDE for Eclipse and start bringing your ideas to life!
  5. Discuss With Others: Should you hit any snags at all, we have a thriving forum for discussing all your Force.com Sites questions.