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Custom search engine built for force.com developers and and salesforce.com users

fellow developers,

here is a custom search engine built for you , please test drive and let me know your feedback via feedback button on the site.

www.cloudgofer.com , also feel free to send in request to add more salesforce specific sites to the custom search engine.


No more going through different manuals or guides to lookup a syntax for tag or an API.


super useful. thanks. plan to use it everyday for my force.com development reference.


excellent, keep up the good work.


Very nice cloudgofer.  Thank you!






thanks Adam , dev401


feel free to provide any feedback you may have to improve the search engine. there is a feedback button on the website , send me URLs and sites you visit frequently for force.com, salesforce.com related help and you would like to be added the search engine.


thanks !




      i am new to community and i verified ur customized search functionality its too good. U can imagine for a new person at new place,community for finding easy links and code & some tabs or not working, i think its a trial one.

I am searching for alphabetical bar for search like salesforce. I need some links or suggestions for that one.






sorry to hear that some of the tabs are not showing up. just a quick browser refresh should bring back all the tabs,

another way to search is type your search query in the address bar like this: www.cloudgofer.com?q=datetime


Just enabled autocompletions on the site, give it a test drive and provide feedback via feedback button on the site.


Available now !! Chrome extension for Force.com developers : Chrome plugin: http://goo.gl/5bXcS