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Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_ 

Force.com for Google App Engine

As I've just blogged, we've just released Force.com for Google App Engine!

Force.com for Google App Engine is a Python library and test harness that lets you access the Force.com Web services API from within Google App Engine applications. Once it is installed in your Google App Engine application, that application can start to seamless make callouts to the Force.com Web services API. This API lets you query and manipulate data in your Force.com environment - effectively letting you tap into the Force.com platform from within the application.

So if you're looking at building consumer apps on Google App Engine, and want to connect 'em with your data on the Force.com platform, check out the library!


Hi Jon,

I'm developing an application in Google app engine. In this application if user logs in with gmail user credentials, application should access that logged in user's sales force account details (if logged in user has a salesforce account). I should be able to get account details (and any other details in force.com) and display them in Google app in a needed format. How can I do this? Is there a way to accomplish this buy using 'force.com for Google app engine' + SSO ?