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Is there a limitation for dataloader to connect to free force.com test org?

I have both IE and IDE login successful. but fail on trying dataloader.


which type of org you are using --- free Developer edition or 30 day trial ??If you are using 30 day trial, please go for free Developer edition.


If you are using developer edition,  Go to "settings" of Data loader --

provide url as https://login.salesforce.com as server host.


Look at proxy settings as well, confirm that it is correct.


--- alok


Make sure that you are appending your security token to your password.


What error are you getting while using dataloader?


It is the free Force.com edition with one app limitation.

Server host: https://login.salesforce.com.

The test org is the developer type as limited by this edition, a sandbox.

Wondering if the server host should be changed.

user name with '.test' attached.