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Opportunity Button to add an attachment and update a field

We have KPIs on the opportunity dependent on Stage and Type and display red warnings in an S-Control.


All this is working well except for attachments.


The below custom button makes it easy for a user to add an attachment e.g. a proposal.


We track the number of attachments in a custom field (updated every 15 minutes from SQL Server) and compare this with the Attachment KPI field displaying a warning.


An issue with the above is that we still have a warning displayed for up to 15 minutes after they have added an attachment.


It is not possible in Salesforce to have Workflow or a trigger running reliably against the Attachment object.


I'm wondering whether there was a way to change the below URL in such a way so that it generated a field update in Salesforce on the opportunity. I could then use this update to hide the warning till the next SQL Server update.








There is no way you could change that URL per se to do a field update on the opportunity.  You could change the button to an Execute Javascript button and use a technique like this to update something on the opportunity and then navigate the page to that URL afterwards.


You can write a trigger on Attachment using Eclipse. Open your Org in Eclipse then create a new trigger where you will get a picklist to select the Attachment Object. This is the way to write a trigger on Attachment.  Find below a sample code :


                trigger TiggerName on attachment(after insert)


                                attachment att  = Trigger.New[0];

                                // do here