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Urgent, Please Help!



We have Oracle database. I want to connect to that Oracle database, retrieve the table data and insert it in the object of Salesforce Application. I came to know that we need to use web service in Salesforce for this requirement.


Can someone please explain the detail steps for the above requirement  please...

I explored in Salesforce.com but instead of getting knowledge, I rather confused bcoz I am relatively new to Salesforce...


If anyone can explain me the step by step procedure that would be of great help.


Many thanks in advance...


Did you look at the integration section of the technical library?




It gives step by step instructions for basic integration using a variety of languages.

Jon Mountjoy_Jon Mountjoy_

In particular, see Introduction to the Force.com Web Services Connector for a concrete example (that uses Java) and the Force.com Web Services API Developer's Guide



Hi Priyanka,


Do you want to do the data insertion real time  ? , if so then only you need to use web services ... if not then Then you can export data from Oracle and then use SFDC data loader and do the insertion or update ....