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Rule/Formula- GP% based on $$ Amount??

Within our "Opportunity" layout we have several fields

1. Amount ( projected annual rev; default)

2. Estimated Gross Profit %

3. Gross Profit


For example-


Our Sales agent is working on an opportunity for company XYZ. We know that..

1. Amount = $255,933

2. Estimated Gross Profit % = 35%

3. Gross Profit= ?


Is there a formula or validation rule that allows the Gross Profit # to generate based off the Amount and GP % 


Thank you in advance. 


-Rob Kretzmer


If you want this populated in the Gross Profit field you'll need a worfklow, if you want to replace your Gross Profit with a Currency Formula field you can do it that way instead and guarantee the calculation is always up to date and correct.


Your formula wll be as simple as:  


amount__c * est_gross_profit_pcnt__c 


Use the formula builder to pick your fieldnames to replace the above. If you decide to use a workflow the logic is the same for a Field Update. (I've assumed your pcnt field is of percent type).


Thanks for your reply. 


I've created a Field Update with the following: 


Object: Opportunity 

Field to Update:

Opportunity: Gross Profit

Field Data Type: Currency 

Formula: Amount*Estimated_GP__c



(Note: Estimated GP is a percent data type)  



I've gone through different opportunities to see if it works but  the Gross Profit field is not populating a number. 


what am I missing? 


Thanks in advance!