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Eclipse Force.com IDE Save Errors -- Installation Update?



The following seems to be a common problem with Force.com IDE, pertaining to Save Errors:


Save error: Unable to perform save on all files: com.salesforce.ide.api.metadata.types.Metadata$Jax​bAccessorF_fullName cannot be cast to com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflect.Acces​sor    **** line 1    Force.com save problem


There was a similar discussion about this issue 09/2011:



A community member had a solution and I am wondering if it is still up-to-date:


"Okay I got to the bottom of it. Solution:

- Use JRE v6 update 27 - 64bit (downgraded from JRE 7)

- Use JDK v6 update 27 - 64 bit (downgraded from JDK 7)

- Re-installed Eclipse SDK 3.6.2


 In short, downgrading solved the problem.'


I am install in Windows 7 64-bit




Jeff in Seattle

Varun YagainVarun Yagain

Downgrading was unfortunately, the only thing that worked for me when I had the same issue 2 months (April-2012) ago.






I download the latest "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" and with the recommended Java SDK and JDE update 6u27, and it worked perfectly.


However, I had to uninstall the latest Java SDK and JDE update 7u5


Thanks for the reply


Jeff in Seattle