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Force.com IDE and not saving Packages



Using Force.com IDE, I am able to create a Force.com project and pull sources by within "Choose Initial Project Contents" selecting radio button "Contents of package:" and then select within dropdown menu "Choose Package..." an existing package.


I want to pull the source of and the package from a developerForce production account into my developerForce developer account, and call this production account's package "StoreFront".


Flow Graph...


>> production account with package "StoreFront"

>> Force.com IDE create project using "Contents of package"

>> Force.com IDE "Deploy to Server"

>> developer account into recreated package "StoreFront"

>> End


I was able to pull the source using Force.com IDE from the production account by choosing package "StoreFront" into my Force.com project .


However, when calling "Force.com > Deploy to Server" and directing the save operation to my developer account, it saved all the production pulled sources from my Force.com project into my developer account, but not the package "StoreFront". In other words, the package "StoreFront" does not exist within my developer account.


What am I missing to pull a package from one account to another through a Force.com IDE's project?




Jeff in Seattle