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How to transfer data from Sandbox to Production

What is the way to upload an object RECORD with all its lookup data from Sandbox to Production?



Thanks in advance .Please help if there is any way to do that.



You have to use full sandbox to deploy the data from sandbox to production. You have to request sales force for this or else you can use data loader to export the data from one org and import the same on another org.


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Thanks for your reply.

Yes,I have used data loader. But it actually does the thing through local system. I have to export and then import data at prod account.

But my requirment is something to do by other process. You have mentioned to contact Salesforce,can you please help me with detail or what exactly is path?





Try www.wingmandata.com utility. You can transfer data from production to sandbox or from sandbox to production using their utility. Also, they provide other data loader wizards too.

KC DeKorteKC DeKorte
Check out www.syncfrog.com.  We just gave you access to two SFDC login credientials in the Basic (free) Version.  The wizard makes it easy to map an field data in any object and you can actually transform the data via a sync.  
UC InnovationUC Innovation
We have been developing a product to move data from any salesforce org to any other salesforce org. Many of our clients use it as a way to easily copy data from production to sandbox.


Our product features a drag and drop interface, and the ability to copy over parent and child records (up to 5 levels down) with one drag and drop. This means you can drag and drop an account and it will copy over the account, its parent account, child contact, opportunity, attachment... etc. All at once! There's no need to do any mapping or export/import any data, just a simple drag and drop.