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Incorrect code. Please enter the corresponding code for the security image.

When trying to create a new developer account, I get this error message "Incorrect code. Please enter the corresponding code for the security image.".


Where is the security image? :smileymad:




Hi QuickBrownFox,

The code which you get is due to the "Captha" functionality, it might be possible that due to your local settings of your browser or some reason related to your browser it may might be possible that a javascript error is being generated and leading to this error message .

To cross check try creating a new developer account on a different PC , if you donrt get the error then the problem is with your browser setting or something related to your browser - try again after clearing the cache , emptying temp folder of PC , removing all history ... 


Hope this helps....

Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed

It seems it is universal problem. We are not able to create DE account now.

Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed

Salesforce admin, Can you help here, we cannot create new developer edition account now. Incoorect code error.

But there is no captcha display in the screen.