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Salesforce vs ACT!



This may not be quite the best discussion board for my question, but I couldn't find a better one.


I am meeting with a customer who currently uses ACT 2011, regarding deployment of Salesforce.

Does anyone have material that compares the Salesforce with ACT?


        Thank you in advance.






ACT! is the most popular sales contact manager ever with over 6m users. Salesforce.com is the most popular online CRM or web based contact management system for sales people with 1.5m users. Both were the first of their kind.

But those facts apart you need  perhaps to know how to migrate an ACT system user's data over to salesforce is that the intent. If yes that can be done with a bit of an effort and understanding of both the system , I have seen some ACT to saleforce data implementation. 

So its basically migrating contacts from ACT to Salesforce (Account / Contact objects) 

While ACT just takes care of contacts salesforce is more robust and versatile platform , which can do almost anything.

If you need any further help just message me will be happy to answer your queries.


Thank you Ispita,


From publications on the web I see that ACT 2011 has similar functionality

to Salesforce: Marketing, SFA, customer support and more. So the latest

version goes way beyond sales contact management. It includes workflows,

reporting and more. I wonder if you have any information regarding how

Sage ACT! 2011 Premium stacks up against Salesforce.


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Well my exposure has been primarily migrating users from the ACT environment onto the Salesforce platform and as I google and read literatures online , I guess I cant provide you with material which make you wiser I think you already have lot of information on this front still the following link provides the features of ACT over different version and going through it does suggest that it does more than just "Contact Management":-



Also similar comparison chart for Salesforce:-




Hope this helps...