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Automatically inform specific users when certain events are finished

To date, our supporting departments (e.g. marketing, product management,...) often do not know what has been discussed when the sales representative has visited the customer,  so they have to go through all the events and scan for that information in particular that is interesting or relates to them.

That's why we are trying to find a way to improve the customer related information sharing between sales representatives and supporting departments.

I have created a custom picklist field "Event purpose" on the event layout. The values of this picklist are all these supporting departments.
The goal is that when a sales representative returns from the customer, completes his event information and picks e.g. "Marketing" in the "Event purporse"-list, a notification is automatically sent to the marketing department.


I first thought of creating a workflow rule with an email alert, but apparantly it is not possible to create email alerts linked to the event object. Besides, even if this was possible, it would not be the perfect solution since supporting departments would then probably receive several of these notification mails a day.

Ideally each supporting department should receive every morning an overview of all the events linked to their department and completed by the sales representative the day before.

So I created a report per supporting department and scheduled it to run every morning and automatically send it via e-mail.

Only problem I now have is that, even when there are no visit reports linked to a particular supporting department and the report thus contains no data, the email is send, which is unnecessary.

So my question: is there a way/workaround to email a report only if it contains data? Scheduled but empty reports should not be sent.

Maybe there is another/better overal solution for my problem to automatically inform specific users when certain events are finished. Please feel free to share your ideas and opinions.

Thanks in advance!


hi ,

Since you are running a scheduled report irrespection of the fact whether it has data or not the report will be mailed at the scheduled time.

I think in case you wish to eliminate that you can take the "Scheduled Apex" route andcreate a class in apex which sends out mail only if a finite number of events are closed , but what would mean some amount of coding on your end...



Hope this helps...