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Force.com IDE for Eclipse Ganymede

I've just installed eclipse and the Force.com IDE.


Everything seems to work, I've followed the instructions, when I try to create a new project the systems asks for the username and password, then  appears a Window with the wiring: "FEtching organization DEtails..." And nothing happens for hours.


At the end I have to close eclipse from the task manager.


Any Idea on whinc should be the problem?


Thaks a lot




If I don't do anything for a couple of hours at the end I get this message:




 "unable to Fetch organization details for 'myusername':

Connection Reset

To ignore this error and create a Force.com Project without connecting to the server, Click Create offline"

This is a low-level network connectivity issue.  Check your computer's network settings.

Does the tool use a particular door or protocol on the network?


I'm inside my company and have a proxy /firewall that should close some doors/protocols

All communication with Salesforce is over HTTPS (443), and it uses HTTP (80) for the blog content on the Start Page.  There are no nonstandard ports used.
Amit LuniyaAmit Luniya

I think this post is little old one but still want to share the solution that worked for me.


You may face this issue because of firewall settings and configuring proxy server settings will do the trick.

Please go through my below blog for detailed steps of the solution.




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