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Adding Email Attachment to the Related Object type

I understand creating a Visualforce Email template that adds the Email as an Attachment but how does one add that Email Attachment back to the Related Object type that the email is being sent from?


Email attachments are not seen on the Object and we want to be able to make sure we can view the Attachments that have been sent via email on the actual Object. For example: You are sending an email from an Opportunity and the email generates a PDF attachment to send with the email, but you want to see that same attachment appear as an Attachment related list item on the Opportunity.


Can someone point me to the right info to do this please?






I share your need. Just got a Visualforce Email template working generating a pdf as attachment to the mail. If you send out the mail, the attachment is gone and the layout of the email under activity history is not worth looking at.


I'm quite new to visualforce but in the Visualforce Developer Guide I found that <messaging:attachment> includes an attribute cald ID, which according to the explanation is an identifier that allows the attachement component to be referencced by other components in the page.


For me it suggests that their might be a component to do just what we need .... attaching it as a file attachment in the Opportunities' notes and attachments related list.


If you have found another solution to this please share it with me. If not maybe someone can help us out ?