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Question about Translation Workbench and Workflow rules

A member of my team found this in the SFDC documentation:



"Workflow rules are *not* triggered when a user is in a language other than the native organization language.

For example - a work flow rule that sends an e-mail when triggered of the field of forecast category with a value of "commit".

The workflow rule would look like this:

[Opportunity: Forecast Category equals Commit].

The English version of the workflow rule is triggered ok.

When a user is logged into an organization with a default language of English, and a Spanish locale, the forecast categories value of “Commit” is translated to "Confirmar" in Spanish.

The workflow rule then compares "Confirmar" to "commit" in the workflow rule and returns false and no e-mail is sent out.

The workaround is to also look for the value Confirmar in the workflow rule.

For example:

[Opportunity: Forecast Category equals Commit, Confirmar]

You would have to include the values of Commit in other languages if you are a multi-language organization."



Our initial testing seems to suggest this is simply untrue. We have tested workflows that have picklist values called in them, and they fire fine in either the master language or a translation language. Anyone have any experience to see if I am missing something? We are doing a very large global roll out of some PRM functionality and I am concerned I may miss something.


Workflow rules are evaluted in the context of the Organization. This is the current behavior.

Rajarm -


Thanks for the response...but I am not entirley clear as to what you mean. From our testing it appears that the Master language is what is evaluated, despite the current user language -  and we are going to continue to work on that assumption.