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PRIORVALUE function does not work for Picklist and Lookup fields



I am sending alerts to users when a record has been modified. I want an email to contain previous values of the changed fields so I am using the PRIORVALUE to update the fields. PRIORVALUE is working for normal fields but for lookup and picklist it seems like it is giving the values number and displays them as numbers instead of the value itself. Does anyone know how to show previous values of a lookup or picklist in an email/alert?


Appreciate any help.

Seb OrtizSeb Ortiz

Take a look at this post


Ajay Singh SolankiAjay Singh Solanki

use this



TEXT does not work on Picklists either. That won't work.


That actually does work.  I was having the same issue.  Thanks!

Amy HerzAmy Herz

haven't tested it yet but at least for lookups it seems that a fix is coming in the Spring 22 release that you can activate now: