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Multi-Select from a related custom object

I'm still very new, so excuse me if I'm asking something that is obvious, but after several hours of looking I'm still coming up empty handed. It's something that seems like it should be simple but has me stumped.


When I create a look-up relationship in a custom object, by default I'm presented with the "magnifying glass / pop-up" combo that lets me select a related entry. Selecting that option returns me to the original form. How do I modify that pop-up window to display a multi-select field so that I can choose multiple related entries?


I don't need a many-to-many relationship, just a single one-to-many. Everything I read indicates it is possible, and mentions it as if it is obvious how it is done. I've seen other discuss making custom multi-select picklists, but I would be surprised if I needed to do that for a simple multi-select as I'm using it.


Thanks in advance.





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hey mBodalski,


you seem to be blurring two different concepts together.  "Multi-Select" in salesforce is usually used to refer to a picklist.  you can create a multiselect picklist by simply chosing that option when creating a field.  A picklist, however, is just a list of values, and does not point to another object.  The magnifying glass icon is displayed next to a lookup relationship, pointing to another record.  These can never be "multi select".  It sounds like, if you want a one to many relationship, that you have your lookup on the wrong object.  So if you have custom object tree, with a lookup to custom object apple, you will not be able to turn that lookup into a "multi select" lookup so that you can have multiple apples per tree.  What you would want to do is switch the lookup field to the apple object.  this way each apple points to one tree.  Then from the tree detail page, apples appear as a related list.