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Profile deployment using eclipse


I am trying to migrate profiles from one salesforce org to the other through eclipse. I have included all possible components in the project from the source org and when I deploy the profile to the target development org using the 'deploy to server wizard' of eclipse. It deploys on the profile on the target org but there are certain mismatches in the deployed profile. These mismatches are related to tabviibilities, standard object permissions and general user permissions. 

Is there a bug here in the metadata deployment of profiles or am I missing something here ?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please provide some more information about the tabs, objects and user permissions?


Are you using custom profiles in both cases? Custom v standard tabs? Which tabs and which permissions?


Not all tabs are supported (for instance, content is not an available tab).  User permissions are also not supported in the metadata api.





Hi atorman

Thanks for replying. Yes I am working with custom profiles with Salesforce Platform license.

About objects, I have seen mismatches in source and target profiles. For example standard
object Document has permissions mismatched. Same thing for other custom objects as well.

For custom tabs, I have seen mismatches for web tabs and VF page tabs.

Is there a documentation where I can find which portion of profile is supported by metadata api and which portion is not ?

Any more insights appreciated.


Hi anjalikat123,


You can find the profile definition in the metadata api here .


The following is supported in some fashion:

  1. applicationVisibilities
  2. classAccesses 
  3. fieldLevelSecurities
  4. fullName
  5. layoutAssignments
  6. loginIpRanges
  7. objectPermissions
  8. pageAccesses
  9. recordTypeVisibilities
  10. tabVisibilities
  11. userLicense

What does your document object permission and vf tab code look like? 






What ever happened here? We are seeing the exact same issues. It definitely seems to be isolated to Platform Licensing and the associated Profiles. The behavior is very odd. Tabs certainly change to "hidden". Object permissions randomly change. It's really frustrating.


I just checked the "Known Issues" page on the community site and this doesn't seem to be listed. We have submitted a case and will await a response.


Hi Kevino80 - We need more information to proceed. Can you please provide some XML Examples of where object permissions or tabs are configured but do not get set properly in the target org? Alternatively, can you share the case # for this issue so that I can look for the details I need from that case? 








I had a colleague submit the case. I will get that number for you tomorrow and try to send some examples too.






Hi Adam,

I am having similar issue here. We have few custom tabs, and when I export the profiles (using ant), the exported XML for one custom profile contains these tab visibilities (defaultOn, Hidden etc), where as another custom Profile has these tabs missing completely in the XML.

Is it dependent on any other setting for the profile?


Amit RanaAmit Rana

The best way to do is, which is easy as well.

  1. Setup source project in Eclipse.
  2. Double click on profile, click on Source tab.
  3. Copy Source code and save in a file named profilename.profle
  4. If there are some component like field, tab object is missing from the destination org and you dont want to deploy them in the destination org, than remove it from the metadata and save only those component  settings which you want to deploy.
  5. Deploy the metadata by ANT script.

Any updates on this issue? The workaround is very tedious when there are many profiles to deploy. We are also seeing this happen when deploying objects/profiles using the IDE for various clients. 


Are there any updates? I have faced exactly the same issues. Is it a Salesforce bug?





The issue we are facing is that Standard Profiles do not get deployed.   Also, the following items in the Profiles do not get deployed:


Profile Description
Standard Tab Settings
General User Permissions
Administrative Permissions


Hi Kirill - 


Couple quick comments:

1. Profile Description is not  supported in the MdAPI - please check the documentation to view what is currently supported as of version 29.0. We are working on adding profile description in a future release [safe harbor]

2. Standard Tab Settings are partially supported - the following standard tabs are *not* supported: 

Answers, Chatter, Dashboards, Documents, Files, Groups, People, Profile, Reports, Site.com

3. General and Administrative User Permissions *are* supported as of version 29.0 on Profiles (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api_meta/Content/meta_profile.htm?SearchType=Stem&Highlight=Profile|Profiles|profile|profiles#profileUserPerm_title)

4. For more information on profile and permission set behaviors in the MdAPI, check out the following blog posting: http://www.salesforcehacker.com/2013/05/dude-wheres-my-permission.html

5. For more information specifically on standard profile naming using the MdAPI, check out the following blog posting: http://www.salesforcehacker.com/2013/09/whats-in-name-well-apparently-lot.html - this can result in a standard profile not being deployed but is easily correctable.


Hope this helps, please feel free to reach out with more information if you're still running into problems.








Yes, I've read your blog, and it was very helpful, thank you.   I am upgrading my IDE to v 29 as we speak, and will attempt this deployment again.


Great! Let me know how it goes! Also, please consider using workbench (workbench.developerforce.com) and it's retrieve/deploy features to go down to the bare metal of the MdAPI when trying things out.