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public data sets


for the application I am trying to design I will need to have cities and locations being codified with their respective UN/LOC codes.  

Data set is available here http://www.unece.org/cefact/codesfortrade/codes_index.htm and importing it  in my Org is not an issue, however I am afraid the size of this dataset  will fill in my size limits and if eventually application is distributed, will create a lot of overhead for the customer in terms of taking space.


My question is: is there a provisioning whereby this (and similar public datasets) can be hosted in SF environment and customers will have access to them (in read only mode), using them as references




Hello, If you are using a class to manage your page, you can create a webservice to return the information for each query. In that case you will have a central point to maintain your data and a multiple client on salesforces taht can use your source of information as read only.