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Connect sfdc from within word!

Hi guys


I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this. I want to know how to create mail merge template using ms-word. I'm trying to download sf connector for ms-word, but don't know where i can download this from.


I would appreciate if anyone could help me find this?


thanks in advance.





Setup -> Personal Setup -> Desktop Integration -> Connect for Office
Thanks. But I don't see "Connect for Office" under "Desktop Integration". Do I have to enable it? How do I enable it?
Btw, I'm using developer edition.
Are you talking about Mail merge templates which are Microsoft Word documents with merge fields that reference salesforce.com fields? If yes, then you will have create a document with the desired text and insert the merge fields just the way we insert , mergefield in visual force pages- ex.g. {!Account.Fieldname}. Please remember one thing the
only field of the object in whose context you are using the template will be evaluated.


Interesting- I didnt see that option either in my developer edition. Normally, access to the download page can be restricted by going into the user profile, and editing the Connect For Office setting in the Desktop Integration Clients section. It was not even an option in the dev org.


Edit: Try installing the connector from your production org. Then, when you log in from the Word plugin, use your dev org credentials.

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Thanks guys. I downloaded from EE and added add-ins in ms-word. Then when i try to do mail merge from my DEV org. I'm getting this error now. I'm using IE 8 and Windows Vista.


Exception: Failed to move template to results folder rename limit was exceeded (100):C\Users\yoyo\Documents\Salesforce Merger Results GFileOpps::ModifyFile

The system call level is not correct.


C:\Users\yoyo\AppData\Roaming\.salesforce.com\OfficeToolkit\download\Test Template - Burlingotn Textiles Weaving Plant Generator.doc

C:\Users\yoyo\Documtns\Salesforce Merge Results\26.03.2010\Test Template - Burlingotn Textiles Weaving Plant Generator.doc


Thanks again.


It works now. All I did added *.salesforce.com in my trusted list.




Thanks guys. I appreciate it.