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Trying to dynamically generate a form



Having some difficulty with what I think should be pretty simple.  I am putting together a no-frills survey, so I have a parent Survey__c object, a child Survey_Question__c object, and a child Survey_Resonse__c object.  In Survey_Question__c, there is a picklist field (Question_Field_Type__c) that determines what widget should be used for the answer to that question (text box, textarea, picklist, etc.)  Then there is a textarea field (called Question_HTML__c) that stores the HTML that should be renedered for each question, based on the field type.  For example, if the field type is "text box", then the Question_HTML__c would be "<input type="text" id="123"/>


Everything seems to be kind of working, except that I can't get the HTML content to render as HTML.  It just gets output as text.  Can anyone be of assistance??


Thanks in advance.


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Nevermind!  I was able to figure it out (with the help of another forum post):