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newbie question

Hi How to run an application in salesforce. For ex i created the warehouse app given in tutorial , suppose i have a customer to whom i have to deliver this applicaion? How would i do that?

If you have created App in Salesfoece then it is available for alwasy to execute just select App from top right corect. and select you app. where you can also add your nterested item

Kalpana ReddyKalpana Reddy

when you give your app to anyone, if that's the only app they have access to then they will see it immediately after login. if they have access to multiple apps then they need to select the app in the top right corner.


means i will create a user,and give the username/pwd to the one whom i want to deliver application.

and the person who want to use application will login through salesforce site.


I have a free trail account , I created an app warehouse

now i created a user (from Manage User options)

Now that user has username and password

but when he is logging in through that , 

he cannot see applications on top right corner


am i wrong, please someone reply me on this.

Thomas CaoThomas Cao

Check the User License under User Detail, he might have different User License than yours, maybe Salesforce Platform instead of Salesforce. 

Otherwise, just like Kalpana Reddy said if that's the only application he has access to then by default he's in that application after logging in, he won't see the option to select any other applications on the top right corner.