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Customized object and Salesforce Offline

Hi I am testing offline for our org. 


I set everything up, I found that offline couldn't support customized object fully. 


  • After finished the briefcase, I can see the customized object tab, and related Account and Contact. 
  • If I create records offline, it could sync to Cloud.
  • But I can't download any record for the customized object, if there is any change on cloud, we couldn't get that change.
  • And Offline doesn't support Help Text and Visualforce Page.


Are these default setting, or we could do something to improve it?




Connect Offline can be used to view, edit, create, and delete accounts, activities, contacts, opportunities, leads, and custom object records (including relationship groups). You can also add and update products and schedules on opportunities.Yes visualforce page are not supported in connect offline.

Please refer below link for the list of objects which can be included in a data set of connect offline briefcase:





Hope this helps!


Hi Vinita,


Thank you for relpying me, but Unfortunately, it doesn't answer my question.


My Setup is very smoothly, the problem is that I can't view Customized Object's records. I tried a lot, but none of them works.