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Getting all the records from a list view

Hi All


I am trying to get all the values from a list view.


Actually the max record size of list view is 200 if my view contains 10,000 how do i get all the 10000 records into a list can some one suggest me how to do it


by giving {!selected} i am getting only 200 records but i need all 10000 records from a view or how many they might be.




I think you can select all records by go on every page but this not good. So In your controller you can get all record by query on that object. You can get object by keyprefix and then show all record on your custom page.



Ashlekh Gera



I dont want all the records in a sobject i just need the records that are in a list view.for suppose i have created a view which contains 2000 records i can select only 200 at a time but in one go i need all the 2000 records in my controller so i can send bulk sms to them