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Regarding approval process

I have written one pproval process ,this one is not approved by approver upto 30 days?Whether i need to re submit my approval proceess to approver or not required? how any days the approval wait in the queue?


thx in advance






If you have submit the record for approval. Approver has not responsing then you can re-call the approval request. The approval request is not in queue  may be approver has ignored you request or may be approver forget to response.By re-call the approval request ,your old request removed and then record is ready for submit again.





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thx for ur reply .


how long it would be in queue?Do we have any time limit for approval processs?



Approval requests are not Queued. If a record is submitted for approval and is locked, it will continue to remain locked till the time it has been approved/rejected by the Approver (of course it will also depend upon the Approval/Rejection actions that you have defined). Also, if you have provisioned the Recall feature in your approval process, that allows the Submitter to recall the request, then the record will be unlocked if the Submitter recalls the request.

In a nutshell, there is no time limit for an approval process and the record will remain locked till the time it is either approved/rejected or recalled.


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