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Editing custom email before sending

Is it possible to edit a custom email template before I send it? For instance, I have a custom email template that uses HTML, when I close a case I want to use this template but I want to have the ability to edit the template prior to sending it to the salesforce contact. I can't see any option to do this - is there a setting I'm missing?


If you create a new custom button on case and whenver you hit the button it pulls out the template and you have the option to edit it before sending


When you select the template using Select Template button, the Body and Subject is filled. Now you can edit and send.


Sorry, niether of these solutions work. Let me clarify if I wasn't clear


1. I go into a case via SalesForce

2. I click "Send an Email"

3. From the "Send an Email" page, I select "Select Template"

4. I find my CUSTOM template and select it

5. Page reloads and displays the custom template (HTML view)


Once the HTML view of the CUSTOM template is laoded, there is no option for me to edit the email body prior to sending the email - I can only edit the Additional Send To, CC, BCC and subject lines. I want to edit the email on a case by case basis, not the entire template each time.




If you want to edit the template when you pull up from send email button then the template has to be in Text not in HTML, create the same template in text format and you should be able to edit the template


Hi ahadipanah,


Did you ever find a solution to this? I have searched the forums without success. Same scenario: custom template selected, then email body is locked and only subject / to / cc can be changed.


Thank you in advance,




I had this same problem when I was trying to set up email templates.  I found that if I used a custom template the body was locked but if I used an HTML template with a letterhead.  I could then edit the body of the email template when sending an email.

Salesforce WizardSalesforce Wizard

Customn HTMl Templates (without letterhead) cannot be edited when selecting the template with "Send an Email"


You can only edit the template itself.


HTML Templates (with Letterhead) can be edited when using "Send an email"

liking because THANK YOU for clarifying, but dislike because whyyyyyy is functionality so limited for custom HTML templates without letterheadddddd :(
Tom KeefeTom Keefe
Does anyone know if there is a way to lock both the Body and Subject line of a template?
Kameron EdenfieldKameron Edenfield
Users in my org can edit Custom email templates (without letterhead) from the "Send an Email" screen when using Chrome, but are not able to do this using IE 11. Very strange. 
Ezhil RobertEzhil Robert
Can you please tell me how can you edit the Custom email template(without letter head) from the "Send an Email" screen. because i am using Chrome and i cannot before sending. Please help me. 
Kameron EdenfieldKameron Edenfield
Okay, so it looks like this is some kind of glitch. I can edit the template from the "Send and Email" screen, but when I actually send it none of the changes come over. I guess this is not supposed to be an available functionality for Custom Templates. It is avialble for HTML templates though. 
Luciana BenvenutoLuciana Benvenuto
Hi! I'm having the same problem and walked the same path you guys did. Got my templates with contenteditable but the data I edit does not arrive to the receiver. Any new ideas? Thanks in advance!
Luciana BenvenutoLuciana Benvenuto
Hi! I'm having the same problem and walked the same path you guys did. Got my templates with contenteditable but the data I edit does not arrive to the receiver. Any new ideas? Thanks in advance!
Stéphane CôtéStéphane Côté
Hi! Same here, I'm having the same problem and walked the same path you guys did.
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
Hi, I too fell into this trap.
I tried the 'with Letterhead' route but wanted to emulate our Outlook signature which has twitter and facebook icons side by side, each with hyperlinks.
Scrambled my way through creating the HTML only to find it was useless as a template because, "Note: You can’t modify the content of a custom HTML template when you select it for use in an email. (https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=creating_custom_html_email_templates.htm&language=en_US" target="_blank)". I couldn't find anything on "Content Editable". Might try the VisualForce route...
Otherwise, I'll have to modify the design of our email signature.
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
Hi again!
Thought I'd found the solution in the Ideas section (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000BpA0AAK" target="_blank).

However, it doesn't work! Strips out the edited text when it gets sent. Shame.
Christine ChapaChristine Chapa
ran into the issue of a user not being able to edit an HTML template....after a lot of head scratching, turns out the folder the template was in was set to public read only! updated to read/write and now user is able to edit the html and text template. yay!
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
Hi Christine,
I had to create a new folder to be able to edit the read/write status. And it still didn't work.

However, it showed this message for Lightning users:

Email templates you create here are available only in Salesforce Classic Experience and only for the features listed here. The Salesforce Lightning Desktop offers a new email experience where admins and users can write email and create templates directly from records. Learn more about Email in Lightning Desktop
Big Deal Alert
Case Assignment Rules
Case Escalation Rules
Email To Case
Lead Assignment Rules
Process Builder
Web To Lead

So, I found I could create an email and save it as a template. First attempt is complaining about 'active content' so I don't know how far I can go. More investigations....
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
I got a reasonably formatted email to work (bit of tweaking to do) by pasting html code into the 'inspect' screen of the email composer.
Only thing missing now is ability to use the template on a mobile device. I guess that'll need an app created.
Juanma LopezJuanma Lopez
The only way is create the templates as text, I think with HTML templates is not possible.
VIP Condos TorontoVIP Condos Toronto
So @David Roberts you were able to paste your HTML CODE into the "HTML E-mail with Header" using the console? Sweet hack I hope it works will have to try later.

They should just add an HTML editor to the standard header templates so we can mess up our own e-mails lol.
VIP Condos TorontoVIP Condos Toronto
Is there a place to bump any of these ideas?
Christopher VockChristopher Vock
I just want to say that I can't believe custom email templates can't be edited before sending. Looks like this has been an issue for over 6 years! Per https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=creating_custom_html_email_templates.htm&type=5 you still can't make edits to custom templates when sending them.
Laura Barnes 6Laura Barnes 6
You can enable this by using 'free form letter' in yur e0-mail template

Email Layout - Free Form Letter

Works like a charm


You can use <div contenteditable="true"> in the VF / HTML email template to modify the content before sending email from Case. 


Vanessa EdwardsVanessa Edwards
<div contenteditable="true">  works to allow modifications to content of custom template prior to sending, however changes do not appear in sent email. Sent email reverts to original template. Any suggestions?