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Web To Lead - Help? Experts Needed

Ok, so I am trying to do the following but I am very limited on HTML coding.


I have two SFDC instances (1 & 2) - On the web to lead form there are multiple product intrest to select from(A,B,C).


If product "A" is selected, I want it to go to instance "1", if product "B or C" is selected, go to instance "2". Lets say I just used a standard pick list so only one option could be selected.


Is the above even possible?


Now what if I used multiple pick list and a customer chose A & B, could I have it create a lead in both instances?


Or should I just do SFDC to SFDC?


Thanks for you Help!!!






I don't know the type of page you'll be hosting on. We've done similar things with using ASP. We customize the form when the ASP loads based on other factors on the page. For example, we pre-select the Product based on which product page the user is viewing.


You could probably do something similar if you know someone who can do some ASP code. You would just need to change the hidden input of the OID.

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I think your best bet is a little javascript magic to dynamically set the org id field based on your picklist value. That'll work for the single picklist, but I think for a multi-select your out of luck as I don't think a web-to-lead form will allow sending to multiple orgs, but I could be wrong about that. Perhaps with javascript you could rig two form submissions, but I am not sure. If you are using Visualforce and Sites, then you could write a custom controller or extension where if the user selects the option for the org your running from, insert directly with DML or if it's the other org then send as a web-to-lead form, but that might be overly complicated. Hope this helps.

Thank you both for your imputs...


CloudonFire, Ya I think I will have to kill the multiple selection, which should be fine. If not, I will have to go with Brian's idea.


Thanks Again!