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Help on Approval Process

We have multi step approval process . At each step we update its step (picklist) and date it entered at that step (sets date to Today()). 

I want to send notification if approval is stuck for more than 3 days . I guess we should be using time based work flow for that but I  m not sure how ?


Also some in this approval process , somtimes campaign take palce even if they  don't get approval .For such cases I want to unlock record if end date has passed even if campaign was never approved . Is there a way to unlock record in workflow rule ? 


Any help is apprciated . Thanks


Time based workflow can be used to send alert.   Create a field called alert_date  to store the 3rd day from approval fire.  In time based workflow send the alert if the status is pending and  alert_date is today.  It is simple to do if you know time basewd workflow