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XML-RPC helma return values in Java

Is there any documentation on the values returned by the rpcClient.execute() method?

Calls to different operations return different types. For example, a call to global describe returns a Hashtable which contains a key "types" which has is a Vector of Strings. A call to sfdc.query returns a Vector of Hashtables. Some of the values in these Hastables are Strings and other are more Hashtables. I found the easiest way to find out what result to expect was to use a debugger to drill down into the data structures.

Similarly, constructing the call paramaters without some specific Java documentation was initially a bit hit and miss.




The returned values from the XML-RPC methods are described in detail in the API documentation.  Included in the appendix of the API documentation are samples of each method call in both XML-RPC and in SOAP.

With the exception of The describe (global), logout, and search calls,  the return values will generally be arrays of structs.  The documentation of each specific call indicates what the returned structs look like.

Note:  The API documentation is available online (Resources page), and is included in all of the toolkits.


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