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Unable to generate WSDL from .net Webservices

When i trying to create WSDL in salesforce from Webservices that is provided from External systems..... Following error msg  gets displayed in salesforce.........



Error MEssage:


 Failed to parse wsdl: Unable to find schema for element; {http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema}schema


Please let me know if you need WSDL?


Thanks in Advance....!!!!!


to consume an external (soap) web service, yes you will need the WSDL, which can be imported into salesforce in order to auto-generate Apex classes which do the callouts for oyu


Can you chnage the WSDL provided by the external system to support in SFDC?


We used the external tool to see the wsdl provided by them is giving any responce globally. Its giving response but when want to generate in SFDC its throwing an error.