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Richie DRichie D 

Sidebar component

Hi All,


I have seen packages that have added a 'component' to the sidebar although it does not appear in the homepage components list or have the standard 'custom compnent styling' applied (title bar + html content below). How is this done? 


If there is documentation ot there I just need the links - can't seem to find any any where...







Hi Richie,


Possibility 1:


Custom Links were created separately by going to

Your Name->Setup->App Setup->Home->Custom Links


and Custom Home Page Components are created including Custom Links by going to

Your Name->Setup->App Setup->Home->Home Page Component


This will be like standard 'custom compnent styling' applied (title bar + html content below)


Possibility 2:


They will be in the Home Page Component list.

Actually they are the Visualforce pages, created as sidebar HomePage sidebar Component embedded inside <iframe>

<iframe src="/apex/yourpage"  width="100%"></iframe>



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Richie DRichie D

Hi Bharathi, thanks for your response.


The details you have given are for standard homepage components - I am interested in those that don't appear in the 'home page components' list and aren't incuded in the homepage layout either but still appear in the UI. They do use iframes but I'd like to know how these get there. They aren't, or don't apear to be, standard html homepage components...