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Passing data from one VF to another Vf pages in SFDC ( Very Urgent)

Hi All,


I am having 2 vf pages where i can enter information on both pages. so if i  enter data on first vf page it shld also appear on 2nd vf page & viceversa. Can you please send the code?


Thanks in Advance for your great help

Jia HuJia Hu
Based on my understanding, what you input in VF page 1 can't be automatically passed to VF page 2.
You may have two choices,
1. After input in VF page 1, user click Save button or something else to submit the input to the database and on the VF page 2 user can see what inputed on the VF page 1.

2. After input in VF page 1, user click submit or something else, use PageReference in the controller to automatically move to the page 2 with the input in the page 1.