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Best way to schedule data loads, and then do additional tasks with results?

To preface this question - I know that paid for versions of apps like Jitterbit, Informatica, etc can provide this.  But it seems the only thing they don't allow for in the free versions is either 1. scheduling or 2. saving error and success files to standard names based on process, so that they can be used automatically in the following tasks.  These seem like such basic requests that I have a hard time considering paying huge amounts for full versions of apps just to get this one small additional feature.

What I'm looking to do is the following:

  1. Do a field update to an object (say, 10,000 records) based on an External ID.  For this purpose, the object is a child to Account.
  2. Take the error file (say, 2,000 records from step 1), and query it against another External ID in the system.  So, for example, I want to see if the account's external ID exists or not in our system, as that could be one reason that the update did not occur.
  3. Take the success file that I get from Step 2 to pull some information on the accounts that were in the system, to help determine why the field in step 1 was unable to be updated.

So, long story short, be able to schedule all of these tasks after one another, using the success or failure rows of the previous job/task.

Does anyone know of a 3rd party app that does this for free?  Or any way to do this perhaps using the regular data loader and some combination of the command line and/or 3rd party apps?

Thanks in advance!  I'm going to cross post this in both the customer community and the dev community, as I'm not really sure which this should be on.