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In email service Yahoo,hotmail gmail etc only supported.

In email service Yahoo,hotmail gmail etc only supported. when i send email to the company address eg like ibm.com, infosys.com,tcs.com etc email is not supported

Bhawani SharmaBhawani Sharma

Nosure on this. May be some time before I have done this using the company id also.

Raumil SetalwadRaumil Setalwad

Hello Azarudeen


Also we are currently using all Company adddress in our all production organization in "Email Service" for closing process and it is working perfectly may be its some another issue



Raumil Setalwad


When i send an email(company address) to activated salesforce EmailID. Msg is not Delivered. but yahoo,gmail are working . plz help me


This is my code.


Global class unsubscribe implements Messaging.inboundEmailHandler{
Global Messaging.InboundEmailResult handleInboundEmail(Messaging.InboundEmail email,Messaging.InboundEnvelope env )

Messaging.InboundEmailResult result = new Messaging.InboundEmailResult();
String strEmailId = email.fromAddress.toLowerCase();
String strSubject = email.subject.toLowerCase();
String emailBody1 = email.plainTextBody.toLowerCase();

String[] strTemp=strEmailId.split('@',0);  
String temp = strTemp[1];
String[] comp=temp.split('\\.',0);     
String compa = comp[0].toLowerCase();            
 integer iCount;
 iCount = [select count() from Lead where Email=:email.fromAddress];
   if (iCount==0)
   Lead l = new lead(
           lastName='Mailing Lead1',                
   insert l;
result.success = true;
return result;