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Formula - copy field value

We have a picklist field called "Pay Method" (Pay_Method2__c) on a custom object and on an Account page (Pay_Method__c). The custom object is called "Facility Limit".


What formula would ensure that the value entered in the custom object field will automatically override the value on the Account page? The thing making this tricky for me is that both are a picklist fields, and the formulas I've created have errors.


So you're saying you want to default it to the formula of the Account, but if the user selects something different on the custom object then use that instead?  One major issue is that you can't make default formulas for picklist fields.


I'd probably accomplish that using a third field.  So basically, I'd default Pay_Method2__c to "none" (i.e. make it optional), and have a text formula field on the custom object that reads something like


IF( ISNULL( TEXT ( Pay_Method2__c ) ), TEXT( Account__r.Pay_Method__c ), TEXT ( Pay_Method2__c) )


So basically if the Pay Method on the custom object is filled, use that, otherwise use the one from the account.  That formula field is then the one you want to look for in your reports and workflow and such.