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Flow Designer - Error Creating Contact

I've been playing with the new Flow Designer tool and trying to create a simple flow to create a contact by:


1) Capturing contact details in a form

2) Using a 'Data Update' shape to insert a contact (assigning the values from (1))


It validates ok but when I run it, I get a message "Flow Error: Something has gone wrong in your flow.  Please use the validation tab to test it"


So is there a way to get more information about what's going wrong?  


Maybe try turning on the Debug Log for your user at Setup | Administration Setup | Monitoring and see if the generated log tells you anything about why it's barfing.


Hi, if u see error while creating new contact using flow designer.. make sure u have data source and data target clearly defined. It is best practise to search contact person before creating new one. So first create data source as ur contact object and then use lookup feature to find if contact exist already. if not than go ahead and create one again Contact object set as data target. hope this helps.. it's good tool :)