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How to remove a Tab from "managed package"?

I want to hide a Tab from managed package, it was released earlier in apckage but now I don't want users to access it anymore, I want to hide it totally ... how can I do so?



Once a tab is included in a managed package, the ISV/publisher can't delete it. The end-customer just needs to be educated not to use it. 


This PDF is a great resource to see the managed package capabilities of each component type (ie tab, object, page, class, ect). Around page 9. 

Raumil SetalwadRaumil Setalwad

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You cannot remove the tab from Application but you can hide that Tab from displaying it to users who have custom profile just select "Tab Hidden" in Profile  section "Tab Setting " that tab will be hidded from the users who are assigned with that profile


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Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

No, there is no way to remove the tab which is packaged in managed package. Only way is to made the tab visibility "Hidden" for all profiles.




Ankit Arora

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Daniel BallingerDaniel Ballinger

From the discussion: URGENT HELP NEEDED. Managed Package Issue it appears Salesforce can roll managed packages back to Beta in some sceanrios. Once in Beta the tab can be removed.


The idea: Remove tabs from a managed package is worth promoting as UI requirements change over time.



How do I remove components from a Managed Package?

Knowledge Article Number: 000004483


In a managed package you can only add new components. But if you want to remove any component, how do you do it?


In order to remove components from a Managed Package, you would need to change released version of their package from Managed-Released, to Managed-Beta.

Please log a case with Support requesting us to change package version to Managed-Beta.

Here are certain requirements:-

1. We need Package Version details like name, version, etc.

2. The package version in question (or later versions) should not be currently installed in any subscriber org

3. The package version in question (or later versions) have patch versions created. If you do have any patch org created, please mention that in your case.

Please note that we cannot change a Managed Package to an UnManaged Package.

Atif MohammedAtif Mohammed



Even though i have made all the tabs hidden in all the profiles and packaged it and tried to install in the trial org but i am not able to install the app.The only way is converting  the package to beta version or is there any other option.