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Inform case owner on new email

Hey all,

I'm sure this is super easy, I just can't quite seem to figure out the right series of clicks and options :P

We set up email to case through the on demand service and it is working beautifully. One feature we would like though, is when a new email comes in related to a case, to notify the case owner via another email. There is lots of information regarding case comments, but we are not utilizing the portal only, just email to case. I attempted to create a workflow rule attached to the email object, but email alert is not an option for email object workflow rules.


How would I go about solving this. Ideally it would be a workflow rule that says "If an email comes in, and the case owner is a user (not a queue) then email that case owner a notification to inform them their case has been updated".


I suppose I could chain two workflow rules, one field update via the email object, then make another that says when that field is updated send an email notice, but that seems superfluous. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!



Chaining together 2 workflows is the only solution I am aware of.  I don't think there is a way to distinguish whether a case is owned by a user or queue with workflow.  We use a "blackhole" email address for our queues.


Hope that helps.