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Result of Limit on PIcklist?

In searching through help and this board (thanks to all you SFDC experts), I found that there is a picklist value limitation of 15,000 characters.  This can be found in the Help document here --> https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=picklist_limitations.htm&language=en


However, what it doesn't tell me is what happens when you hit that limit.  I have a fairly long picklist that I just added another value to.  However, no matter what I do I cannot get that value to display in the picklist.  I have :


  * Made sure that the new picklist value is available on the record type in question

  * Made sure that the new picklist value is associated with the correct value on the controlling field

  * Made sure that the new picklist value is, indeed, in the picklist.


Yet ... when I create a case and try to find that picklist value it just isn't there.  Am I missing something simple (it is fairly late here ... )?  Does anyone know if Salesforce will just not display it once you've hit your character limitation?  Or will you get an error?  Is there an easy way to count the characters?  I know I have to add two (2) to each line value ... but how do I count everything?


Thanks in advance.