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Change user email on sandbox from user@email.com.test to user@email.com



I am having problems configuring the email addresses on my UAT users on sandbox, because after you create the sandbox as a configuration mirror of the production all of the users' email have .test appended at the end and even if I try to change their email it does not work because the confirmation is send to the .test email which apperantly is not valid.


Any suggestions workaround how people handle this inconvience?


Thank you.



You can write a class for removing .test from all the user emails . and schedule the class to run it daily.The conformation will be accepted by users one day or the other. hope it helps.

Thanks for your reply.


Yes I can setup a scheduled workflow or apex class etc., but the problem is that isnce the email is wrong on the first place the users will never get the confirmation/


If I am missing something can you please elaborate for me?


Thank you.

The verification email is sent to the new email address entered not the original.