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SFDC case portal exposed through Sites -- login through HTTP

We are using the SFDC case portal and setup a "Site" for it so we can use our own domain name rather than salesforce.com. The problem is, when a user goes to the site and logs in, it temporarily redirects them to our https://site.secure.force.com domain and then back to our CNAME. Is it possible to prevent this all together? We don't want it to go to site.secure.force.com, we want it remain completely white label. It doesn't need to be sent over HTTPS.


I went into the Site Login Settings page and checked the box that says "Require Non-Secure Connections (HTTP)" but it is still forcing users to go to the HTTPS URL to authenticate.


Any suggestions?


To make matters more complex, we are planning on implementing a SAML SSO solution so that users are automatically signed into the portal. Will this prevent users from having to be redirected to our https://site.secure.force.com URL all together?


Thanks much for the help!