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Automatic Mails with Salesforce.com



how i can inform the Users about ther opportunities (for this month) automaticly with E-Mails.

Every user have to get only the opportunities witch the useres own.


Thank you.

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You have two options.  If you wanted to manually send out an email to all your users, you could link to a report that filters records by using the "my record" filter on the criteria page.  This will be dynamic, so that every user that follows the link and visits the report will see their records.  If you want to schedule a report to automatically be sent out, you have to create the report and choose a running user.  This running user will be the same for each recipient. In order to get that to work, you would have to create a new report for each user, schedule each one to run, emailing your user, and make sure that user is the running user when you schedule it.