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Why Date on Salesforce record is one day behind what the date is on the imported file?




I am inserting data into salesforce using data loader, date on my csv file is eg 2009-07-13 but when its imported into salesforce it changes to 2009-07-12. Why is this? I have my dates set as: On Salesforce: (GMT+00:00) British Summer Time (Europe/London) and Locale English (UK) and on my csv file 2001-03-04 and Locale ISO or English UK but they still dont work. Can anyone tell me why the date on salesforce is a day behind?



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When inserting or updating records in Salesforce with date fields using a computer with a local in APAC/EMEA and Salesforce local set to a local in APAC/EMEA, you may find that the date will change by a day.

This is an expected behavior of the Data Loader as the conversion takes place to sync the date to GMT.

In order to insert the date in the correct format follow below steps.

1. Enter the date in Excel. Example: 01/06/2007.

2. Highlight the cell you entered the dates.

3. Right click and select "Format Cells".

4. Select the "Number " tab, Category "Custom".

5. For Type enter yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sssZ.

6. The date should now appear as 2007-01-06T00:00:00.000Z.

7. Import or Update the file using the Data Loader.