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see formula results in edit mode?

What options do I have for users to be able to see formula values in edit mode? So far, I can only see the calculations in View mode. I'm open to anything even using an inline flex control or anything. Any ideas?
That's hard, because you can't even get a custom VisualForce page to show up inline in a standard edit page.  You could certainly rebuild the entire edit page from scratch but who wants to do that..  I'm hesitant to mention it because it is dirty and not supported, but you could do something where you override the edit button with a custom link back to the regular edit page with nooverride=1 and an extra parameter with the formula value, maybe passed into a dummy blank text field.  but this is ugly, and if you don't know what i mean it is probably better to ignore that idea.  maybe someone else is more creative than I..