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Many to many relationshp among accounts

I've got a requirement that person accounts could be children to multiple business accounts (I'm not using contacts) i.e. person accounts could be a member of multiple organizations.  Also, business accounts could have multiple parents and children. The built in 1:N heirarchy in salesforce seems insufficient. What is the best way to set this up?

DId you mean under one account we can just have one contact ?


we can create as many contact under one account .



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As per your requirement, you need to create a connector object which will have lookup to your Business Account and Person Account. This is the only way presently to create many to many relationship in SFDC at present.Thanks

Amit Mishra

Upon trying to create the connector object, I cannot create two master-detail relationships to the Account object.  I can only create a standard lookup to the Account object.  Also, I'm not presented with the option of Business vs. Person Accounts, only "Accounts". Is creating this connector object not possible?