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Mass create - how possible is it?

My nonprofit uses Salesforce to record donor information and participation in various programs we offer. I'm having a problem related to two custom objects: Participation (records participation/enrollment in our programs) and Attendance (for each program day, records whether or not a person attended). For example, we have an after-school program that runs once a week for 30 weeks. Every girl in the program will have one Participation record showing she's enrolled and up to 30 attendance records, each linked via lookup to her Participation record.


My problem is creating multiple Attendance records without importing them from excel, which I certainly can do but would like to avoid if possible. It would be ideal if users could select the appropriate Participation records from a list and click a button that would automatically create and save one Attendance record for each selected Participation record and link to that Participant record via lookup. 


How possible do you think this is? And any ideas on how to make it happen?


Nonprofits generally don't have the funds to pay someone with the right experience for this job, and mine is no exception. I don't have any background in this but am learning as I go. I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks.

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Hello Sandi, It is possible to achieve this functionality by custom development. Approach will be there will be a link/button on participants object or Attendance object list view page. On clicking on this Button/Link a new page will open and here user can search the available participants in Salesforce.com. Then on this search page itself there will be a button “Create Attendance”, and the user will once click on this button then Attendance records will be created for the selected participants. This all will be a custom development using Apex/Visual force. I hope this will be helpful to you.



Thank you. That sounds very promising.


Does anyone have any advice on how to make these buttons or examples of similar ones?


I've never done any Visualforce work before, so I'm not sure where to start.