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EventAttendee, how is it manipulated and what can you do with it?

I'm trying to design a feature we need that will allow scheduling of various seminars that will have attendees.  I'm thinking of using the existing Event and EventAttendee objects but haven't figure out exaclty what you can do with them. 


From the API documentation, it looks like I can't insert record into EventAttendee directrly.


I did find that I could create an Event using the Calendar on my home page.  I also did it with a few lines of Apex code.


How does one add attendees to an event?  I can't find a way to do it in the application or with code?


Is there anywhere where the vanilla out-of-the-box functionality for this sort of built-in functionalty is documented?



Hi I have created a similar application. The only native Salesforce objects that I felt able to use were Contacts and Accounts. I created a custom "Events" object and "applications" objects which linked a contact to an individual event.


If you find a better way I would be interested  too here from you. Hope this helps.




I figured out how to add an attendee on the Event page.  It isn't all the friendly but it works.


I wonder if you would add them from a trigger or workflow?  Trigger I would think not as that's Apex.  Don't know about workflow.